Where Can I Get A Good Remedial Massage in Canberra & What Will It Do For Me?

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At Hawker Chiropractic in the Belconnen region of Canberra, we have a team of professionally trained female massage therapists to look after all your aches and pains.  Most people will want a remedial massage when muscles feel tight, or we develop pain in areas:  back pain, neck pain, foot pain, headaches, sprains and strains.  Sometimes we just want some relaxation and time away from the pressures of family or work.  We can even use remedial massage to help recover after sport or to deal with other conditions such as anxiety or posture problems.  However, most people don’t realise that massage can have a positive effect on the many systems in our body.  We have put together a quick list of how a remedial massage can positively affect your whole body and even your mental health.

Muscular System This is the most common and well-known system that responds well to massage. Massage therapists help relax and stretch the muscles reducing tension and increasing circulation (blood flow) to and from the soft tissues and improve flexibility by reducing muscle tone.  Massage also helps recovery post exercise, in fact recent studies showed quicker recovery with a good remedial massage than just rest. Of course, we all have different tolerances to pain and our expert massage therapists will assess and adjust their pressure according to your individual needs and pain levels.

Nervous System A masseuse can relieve nerve irritability and allow a reduction in pain by easing the tension within muscles and especially joint capsules as nerves travel through or very close to these.  Massage can release the tightness of these structures which allows the nerves to “relax” and this can give relief from stress related conditions such as tension headaches and insomnia.  If it is a bit of a lift you are after, a good massage can be used to stimulate energy production which will relieve lethargy and fatigue.

Skeletal System The improved circulation created by massage provides more oxygen and nutrients to the bones which allows the body to create stronger bone structure and may even reduce the potential of developing crippling bone diseases such as osteoporosis or osteoarthritis. The greater flexiblity your muscles have, the more the joints can freely move and this may lead to a reduction in joint stiffness and pain. 

Digestive System Deep relaxation states can help to increase the movement of food and waste through the digestive system as when we are truly relaxed our body allows an increase in our “rest, digest and heal” state. Increased blood flow through the entire body may also allow for this.  For specific issues with this system the massage therapists at Hawker Chiropractic will take a full history and discuss relevant treatment options, which may include specific work around the abdomen.

Circulatory System Massage is one of the best treatment options to improve blood flow – very important for us all, but especially for people who suffer from poor circulation. Blood carries vital oxygen and nutrients to all parts of our body as well as removing the waste products, so it is crucial to our overall health profile. We find that a large number of elderly patients, but also those suffering from chronic pain, make use of massage therapy to help with their circulation and pain management.

Respiratory System Because we are so relaxed during a massage your breathing becomes slower and deeper as you use your diaphragm to breathe rather than the chest muscles and rib cage.  This is the way we are supposed to breathe as it uses less energy and is more biomechanically efficient. As our breathing slows and deepens it helps pump blood around the body, which gets more oxygen and nutrients to all of our muscles and organs.  As we relax and breathe deeper, our heart rate steadies and our body can start to remove toxins out through the lungs.

Lymphatic System Gentle massage to the lymphatic system (the second circulatory system) can help to clear waste products.  This type of massage is especially useful for when you have a cold or flu that is really taxing on the immune system as there are a lot of toxic by-products produced. The relaxing effect of massage can also relieve stress which can increase the functioning of the immune system.

I think it is also important to state here that massage can have a great effect on your mental health. It gives you an hour to relax and chill out as well as doing something just for you. We only have one body and one mind and massage is a great way to look after both. Our massage therapists use a variety of different techniques including relaxation massage, remedial massage and cupping. Our massage therapists are covered by most private health insurance and we also offer free parking. To find out more about our friendly, female therapists click here.

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