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If you are having problems with your feet, knees or low back you may need custom orthotics to fix the problem. 

Dr Eva McQueen is the inaugural winner of the Footlevelers Dr Monty Greenawalt Award for Clinical Excellence to be given to a practitioner outside of the USA! 

Having been introduced to the system in 2005, Dr McQueen was recognised for her excellence in 2007 and continues to utilise Footlevelers custom-made orthotics with her patients every day. 

She now also educates practitioners around Australia and New Zealand on their effectiveness in whole body wellness.

Hawker Chiropractic is Australia’s Leading clinic for Footlevelers Custom Orthotics.

Footlevelers have nearly 70 years experience, with their founder  Dr Monty Greenawalt DC recognising the need to have the foundation of the body, the feet, fully functioning and supported if his work as a chiropractor was to have any long-term effect. 

He worked closely in his early days of practice with a podiatrist to better understand the impact of foot function in long-term structural issues he was seeing in his patients. 

Dr Greenawalt realised that for his chiropractic adjustments of the spine to have a long-lasting effect, he had to support the foundation of the body with custom orthotics.

Anatomy of the Foot

Understand that each foot and ankle complex contains 26 bones – that’s 52 between the left and right feet and ankles – and that the adult human skeleton contains 206 bones in total. 

Now it becomes clear how important the function of the feet and ankle complexes are as the comprise 25% of our bones. 

So if something goes wrong in either of the feet or ankles one quarter of our bones are directly affected. 

BUT as the feet are our foundation, we also find that this directly affects the knees and hips – because their alignment has changed – and also the entire body as it teeters above our legs.

This is why custom orthotics are essential!


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The Feet are the Foundation of our Whole Body Structure!

bad posture

Would you build a house on uneven or wonky foundations??  If you did what would happen to the walls and roof of the house over time??

This is precisely what happens to the entire skeletal structure when there is an imbalance in the feet and ankles. And why custom orthotics are vital to correct the imbalances.

The knees rotate in or out, the hips follow and the pelvis (foundation of the entire spine) tilts left or right and forwards or backwards which unlevels the whole spine.

This torsion/tension in the pelvis leads to scoliosis of the spine, unlevelling and rotation of the shoulders. shoulder blades and their muscles and usually a tilt of the head on the neck.  

So the foot bone really is connected to the head bone!!

Dysfunction in the feet can lead directly to many painful issues.  Foot pain, plantar fascitis, heel pain, pain under the ball of the foot, achilles and calf pain, knee swelling/inflammation or pain and ultimately knee injuries such as ligamentous strains or tears, cartilage/meniscal wearing or tears and patella tracking problems.  

Foot problems can lead to hip misalignment and cause an early onset of osteoarthritis then hip replacement.

Due to the unlevelling effect on the pelvis that foot problems can cause, any abnormal spinal alignment pattern can be due to the feet.  

The only way to correct foot imbalances is to support them with custom orthotics.

This is why when patients come to our clinic complaining of headaches or upper back problems, we start our examination from the feet or “from the ground up”.

12 years ago we realised the importance of how our body interacts with the surfaces we contact when standing, and the impact this has on us as we move through our daily life habits.

We have assisted thousands of patients gain back control of their lives by assisting them with structural support as well as chiropractic adjustments to correct the foot, knee, hip and spine dysfunctions.   

These occur due to a change in the alignment and function of the feet and ankles and must be corrected with custom orthotics.

Footlevelers are covered by most major private health funds/private health insurers for one pair of custom-made orthotics each year.


Your Feet Need The Proper Support To Hold The Body Balanced