Dr Eva McQueen

Dr Eva McQueen has been a Chiropractor for over 25 years and has been running Hawker Chiropractic since 2000.

She was drawn to be a Chiropractor after being treated in the late 80’s when she was struggling with some low back issues competing in high level water-ski racing.

Eva McQueen chiropractor canberra
Dr Eva takes a ground up approach so that you get the most out of Chiropractic care.

Dr Eva McQueen is Australia’s leading expert in Footlevelers custom orthotics and has been involved in Whole Body Wellness since 2005.  

She is Australia’s inaugural winner of the Footlevelers Clinical Excellence award and is involved in teaching and training new practitioners to the Footlevelers system.  

Eva specialises in treating patients “from the ground up” looking at postural imbalances which occur from the feet.

Treating not only the feet but the misalignments in the lower limb and spine that occur because of these changes.

Due to her approach she is able to look after patients of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Dr Eva McQueen has also trained in Quantum Neurology which deals with neuroplastic changes within the nervous system.

She has also completed studies in Sympathetic Dominance dealing with changes that occur in the body due to us consistently being in a “stressed” (fight or flight) state and the consequences this has on our gut, auto-immune system and general well-being.

Dr Eva McQueen has represented Australia in water-ski racing and has also been the Australian Team Doctor for this sport.  

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Eva at the Ubud Swing in Bali

When not treating patients Eva can be found out in her garden, preserving her garden bounty, reading a good book or travelling to other countries.