7 Practical Ways To Live A More Active Lifestyle

How To Live A More Healthy, Active Lifestyle

In our busy, modern-day lifestyle our choices are influenced by two simple questions:
1. “How long will this take? – I am time poor”.
2. “How much energy is this going to use? I’m tired and still have so much to do today!”

As health practitioners it’s no surprise to us that studies are finding people who live a more simple and active lifestyle experience huge health benefits. Being active doesn’t mean slogging it out in the gym for an hour every day but making some simple changes to increase activity levels can potentially improve your back and neck pain, prevent high blood pressure, lose weight and lower your stress levels!

This shift in activity levels, and your mindset, comes at a perfect time as the warmer months arrive in Canberra! So, there shouldn’t be any excuses not to implement at least one of these tips into your lifestyle!

1. In Canberra we have many local shopping centres and yes, it is easy to drive there, pick up what you need and drive home. Walking or riding to the shop to pick up your dinner items will not only get in some cardiovascular exercise but also help get your daily dose of Vitamin D! So next time you need just a few items dust off the old bike and get riding, or lace on those walking shoes!

2. If the shopping centre isn’t in walking/cycling distance then park in the furthest carpark and walk to the shops from there – no circling the carpark to find the closest free spot, or tailing shoppers as they leave the centre.

3. I am sure you have heard this one before, but take the stairs rather then the elevator or escalator. Stairs are great for cardiovascular exercise and also resistance exercise for your legs and butt. It only takes an extra few seconds so no time lost really!

4. Garden looking like a jungle rather than a suburban oasis? Getting out into the garden for as little as 30 minutes will not only give you an upper body workout but you will have the satisfaction of enjoying your beautiful garden!

5. Do you have young children? Pushing a pram around the park is a workout in itself -even better if you can walk to or from the park. Pushing the swing or chasing after children is fantastic exercise.

Active life chiropractor canberra
Beautiful Canberra mountain trails

6. Is your car looking rather shabby? And lets not even mention the interior! Instead of going through an automatic car wash or paying for someone else to do it, put aside an hour on the weekend and wash it yourself. I’m not sure about you but our car washing always turns into a water fight which is fun in itself and extra exercise!

7. Canberra is full of beautiful mountain hikes or walks around lakes/rivers so instead of being locked up inside watching TV go for a walk and take some pictures – we’d love to see them. You may even want to take picnic with you and make it a real outing!

Leading a more active lifestyle is going to boost your health in many ways. Give these simple tips a go and see how your energy levels, concentration and capacity improves! Find out more about how chiropractic can help you improve your activity levels.


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